Noncustodial Computing

Fractal Network OS

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Cloud collaboration without the Cloud

Own your data and the network

Self-host websites, applications and services from home, keep personal data out of the data center by collaborating with friends and family.

Learn more about self-hosting Recommended Recycled Hardware

It's Easy


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Install Fractal Network OS

on Windows, macOS, Linux.


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Deploy services

with the click of a button.

Explore Apps & Services


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Migrate data

from existing services.

4. Expand your Network

Improve reliability by inviting others to share storage and computing resources. Create a Wide-Area-Network for seamless peer-to-peer collaboration with colleagues, friends and family.

How reliable?

One Person

One gateway

One device


a single point


Two People

Two gateways

Three devices

Two locations

two points linked by a line

fault tolerance



Three People

Two gateways

Five devices

Three locations

three points linked by lines

cloud parity


fault tolerance



Better Privacy, Better Products, Better World

The Fractal Network OS includes a curated collection of privacy respecting applications and services. Deploy a website with the click of a button. Launch a Minecraft server on your laptop that is instantly accessible from around the globe.

See All Apps

Web Application Store.

Top Apps

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manage passwords

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replace Discord or Slack

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build + manage a website

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start a blog

Free and open source software for a safe, free Web

Fractal Network OS is free software supported by the OpenMosaic project.

Encrypted Backups

Automated encrypted backups between devices.

Built for Developers

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Custom Apps

bring a Docker Compose

Deploy any app to Fractal Network OS with Docker Compose.

Push to Deploy

1.Link To Github
three connected points, one point is the Github logo
2.Choose Settings
abstract dots representing buttons, one dot is red indicating it has been selected
3.Push To Deploy
transluscent dots become progressively more opaque indicating movement from left to right

Decentralized Web Services

Embrace software freedom through self-hosting.

Install Fractal Networks OS on your existing macOS, Windows or Linux computer. Docker is the only requirement to get started.

Get Started
many spheres depicted in a circular frame
a donut shaped hub connected to points by encrypted connection
an encrypted line connecting two points

Encrypted End-to-End Communication

Packets are encrypted in transit by the Fractal Gateway subsystem, a reverse-proxy that can be self-hosted trustlessly in the Cloud.

nine overlapping circles, each partly transparent

Anti-Censorship, Pro-Transparency.

Fractal Networks is committed to software freedom. The Fractal Network OS source code is open-source and available on GitHub.

View on Github
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Robust digital privacy and security controls

Intuitive Identity and Access Management capabilities that put you in control.

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On the Roadmap

Personal data governance tools that keep the value of your data in your hands.

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Digital Privacy Simplified

Join the closed alpha.

Request an alpha code
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, macOS, Linux

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